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Weekly Ritual–(recommended)

Use 2-3x/week for detoxification, exfoliation + boosted results.

*Apply a nickel sized amount to a wet mihakka or hands(or to hands, adding water to emulsify) Using circular motions, massage into wet, makeup-free skin. Let sit for 30-60 seconds and rinse with warm water. Follow up with The AfterGlow for maximum benefits. Take notice to how supple and smooth your skin is!


Daily Ritual–

Use daily as a regular facial cleanser. *Depending on the sensitivity of your skin and level of dryness (dry skin is more sensitive), start with 1-2x/week, building up to daily. The Glow is detoxifying and if your skin feels dry, listen to your skin & scale back accordingly. Follow up with The AfterGlow for maximum benefits.

**Always spot test before using. Avoid contact with eyes. Use caution during pregnancy as skin is more sensitive.



Boosted Ritual

To Boost benefits, steam face first. Bring 2 cups of water to a simmer. Pour the water into a bowl. Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oils or loose tea such as chamomile or lavender. With face 6-8 inches above the bowl, cover the head and bowl completely with a towel so steam cannot escape. Steam the skin 5-10 minutes inhaling slowly through your mouth and exhaling through your nose. After steaming, blot the face and follow the directions above.