Please read everything prior to starting the protocol.

Thank you so much for participating in this test group. I can’t believe the amount of interest I’m having in a CBD infused product! This balm can be used in so many ways! And while this makes it extra awesome, it can also make it really confusing when you look at all the benefits and uses. To try and make this as simple as possible, based on your questionnaires, I’m going to outline the way I see it being used for each wellness issue. You chose one during the initial questionnaire but you aren’t married to it. If you don’t see your wellness concern outlined below, please email hello@chaeskincare.com and we will creates a protocol for you.

I want you to choose ONE main concern on which to focus but feel free to try it in other ways. Just remember it needs to last you 10-14 days. Also, please spot test prior to use. If you have any adverse reactions, discontinue use immediately.

I’ll be emailing you the link to the questionnaire in the next few days. The questionnaire is based off your experience and will only take about 15 minutes to fill out. Feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, thoughts, ideas, praise…

Oh! And after weeks of sifting through name submissions and several votes to narrow it down, the winning name was Biru (blue in Indonesian) so from here on out, the CBD beauty balm will be referred to as Biru Balm. ;)


CHAE founder


It’s really important that you record your initial responses. I want you to smell it. What is your initial response? Rub your finger across the balm. Rub your fingers together. What is your initial response to the texture? Smell it again. Do you like the smell? Too strong? Too sweet? How would you describe the smell? Etc.

Breathe it in deeply. Pay attention to any noticeable effects over the next few hours.

How does it feel going on? Absorbs nicely? Good slip for massage? Greasy? Lightweight? Heavy?


Biru is a CBD-infused, multi-functional, lightweight balm concentrate made up of skin-boosting plant botanicals and oils to sooth & calm reactive skin; boost, repair and hydrate maturing skin; and relieve sore muscles, joint pain, menstrual cramps and inflammation.  The combination of full-spectrum CBD oil, coupled with 23 plant botanicals makes this balm a stress-relieving, anti-inflammation, antioxidant powerhouse.


calendula infused argan oil (Morocco), candelillia wax, marula oil (Zimbabwe), kukui nut (Hawaii), grape seed (Morocco), kokum (India), CBD oil (100mg full-spectrum, wildcrafted, sustainable, local), jojoba, cupuaçu butter (Amazonian rainforest, babassu (Amazonian rainforest), olive squalane (Italy), fractionated coconut oil, frankincense, neroli, rose absolute, immortelle (helichrysum), blue tansy, geranium, palo santo, vetiver, jasmine  


  • anti-inflammatory

  • pain relieving

  • calming/soothing/relaxing

  • healing

  • hydrating

  • cell-renewing

  • collagen boosting

  • anti-oxidant rich/protecting

  • anti-depressing/uplifting

  • hormone balancing

  • skin repairing 

  • relieves oxidative stress (too many free-radicals in the body and we can’t neutrally them).


  • blemishes

  • sensitive/reactive skin

  • sunburn

  • sore muscles

  • stress relief

  • chapped lips

  • hydrating sleep mask

  • eye treatment

  • acne treatment 

  • bottoms of feet in heels

  • soothes eczema, rosacea and psoriasis

  • sinus or allergies

  • sleep

  • temporary relief from menstrual cramping

BEFORE USE– After you take time to smell it and touch it,choose the area/issue you will focus on. (For example, I would choose neck and shoulder pain as my priority and try it as an eye or night treatment as my second priority.)

CONSISTENCY– 2 weeks (14 days) every day on the targeted area is ideal. If you are using it on a larger area (ex: back massage)it may not last you 14 days but it will last long enough to identify most positive effects.

PHOTOS– Please take before and after pictures if you are targeting a visible skin issue and record the dates.

JOURNAL– Please document your issues prior to beginning, during and after. Pay attention to initial effects (10-30 minutes directly after) and long term (1-2 weeks) effects. Record any noticeable changes, positive or negative effects. 


JOINT/MUSCLE PAIN: Record pain level/symptoms prior to beginning the protocol. Massage into affected area daily (up to 2x/day) for a minimum of 5 minutes. Record pain level 1-10 (10 worst) prior to applying. Record pain level and positive effects (if any) in the first hour and again the following morning.

ANXIETY/STRESS/INABILITY TO SLEEP: Record symptoms prior to use each time. Massage into the face using circular, upward motions and take deep breathes as you massage. Take extra time around the eye and sinus areas. If you prefer not to apply to your face, skip the face and only massage around the orbital area of the eye, the temples and the back of the neck.

Use daily at the end of the day or your most stressful part of the day. Use anytime as a mini- stress reliever. Rub a small amount between your fingers and inhale, taking deep breathes. Record symptoms prior to use each time. Record noticeable effects after use.

MENSTRUAL CRAMPS/PMS: This should not be your #1 wellness concern during this 14-day period unless we have discussed this but if your cycle falls during the window you are testing the balm (or after!), try it to relieve cramping and menstrual pain.

Massage into the lower abdomen or where the cramping is felt. Massage the area clockwise for 5-10 minutes. Use the stress protocol to encourage mood balance. Used over the course of the cycle, record any positive effects.

ANTI-AGING/SKIN BRIGHTENING/ACNE: Biru can really be applied to any area on the face. All of the oils, butter and botanicals in the balm are noncomedogenic so it won’t clog pores. My favorite way to use it for face (besides as a sleep mask) is liberally around my eye area. I spot treat my dark areas and any acne flare-ups more than once per day (because I am addicted). Best used at night.

REACTIVE SKIN: If you suffer from skin ailments such as highly sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, etc. applying the balm regularly can help to calm the affected area. Apply the balm to the reactive area daily or more, if needed.

As much of the problem is finding everyday skin care products you can use, if you are not currently having a reaction, use the balm in other everyday ways (eye treatment, sleep mask, moisturizer, etc.)and track your reaction. Stop use IMMEDIATELY if any of your symptoms get worse.

SLEEP MASK: Apply a thin layer over the entire face as a part of your evening routine. Do all your normal steps, replacing your moisturizer with Biru. 3x a week. Record results in the morning. Record results at the end of the 14 days.